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We are open for business as normal but, in light of the latest Government guidance, we are trying to avoid unnecessary contact with clients and visitors. Please consider emailing or phoning instead of visiting our offices.

The agricultural and rural advice which we provide covers a wide range of legal aspects (and often a number of areas of law). Our team is headed by Jason Hodnett who attained a Fellowship of the Agricultural Law Association in 2009.


Our advisers have key understanding and knowledge specific to the agricultural and rural sector and the many different types of issues that can arise.  For example agricultural matters will often link with commercial and partnership matters, estate planning and tax, employment, family and relationships and/or other issues.   

We also recognise that landowners, farmers and other agriculturally related business often need to diversify and develop their businesses to adapt to commercial and other impacts and pressures.          

Our team will assist you with planning matters, Basic Payment Scheme, taxation, joint and other ventures, business structuring, environmental matters, diversification projects, succession planning and land promotion and development.

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