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We are open for business as normal but, in light of the latest Government guidance, we are trying to avoid unnecessary contact with clients and visitors. Please consider emailing or phoning instead of visiting our offices.

Web accessibility statement

Kitson & Trotman’s website has been designed and developed with the needs of people with sight loss and disability in mind. We’ve also taken on board international guidance and best practice on web accessibility.

We’re committed to ensuring everyone can access and use our website on multiple devices. This includes people with sight loss, and hearing, mobility and cognitive impairments. If you have any comments and or suggestions about our website, please contact us by emailing


Image alt text and accessibility

As standard, we only use alt text where an image conveys essential information for the meaning of the webpage – for example a diagram about how to do something. Where an image is purely decorative, we don’t use alt text as this is superfluous information and extra “noise” that someone using a screen reader will have to get through before reaching the essential information on a page.


Reporting a web accessibility issue

If you experience any accessibility issues while using our website, please let us know by emailing



If you require any assistance with viewing this and other websites, we would recommend visiting the RNIB website who offer advice and support for those with sight loss issues. Our team of support staff are available should you need any advice on the Kitson & Trotman website and its accessibility.