Making proper provision for family and friends after your death requires careful consideration and advice. We have an experienced team specialising in advising and drafting wills tailored to your particular circumstances and requirements. Our advice is easy to understand and practical, so that your wishes for disposal of your property and effects will be properly administered.

Inheritance Tax

We are able to advise on mitigation of inheritance tax by writing a tax efficient will, while still giving effect to your wishes.

Nil Rate Tax Free Band

We can explain the current application of Inheritance tax.

Challenges to Wills and Family Provision

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Very occasionally a dispute arises after someone has died. Beneficiaries or potential beneficiaries can challenge wills that may have been made where the testator lacked proper mental capacity or may have been subject to duress or undue influence. Similarly, beneficiaries adversely affected by the actions of personal representatives of estates in which they have an interest have an avenue for their concerns to be investigated and, where appropriate, a remedy in law.

On occasion a will, or the rules that apply on intestacy - where there is no valid will - can fail to provide reasonable financial provision for a spouse, former spouse, family member or partner. The law permits a claim to be made against the deceased's estate to redress the injustice this causes.

Early, detailed advice is vital in this complex area. David Clegg, Solicitor, advises upon this area of law. See disputes.

Free Will Schemes

We participate in the Cancer Research Free Wills Scheme (for those aged over 55).


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