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The Kitson & Trotman Equine Law team is headed by solicitors who are experienced horse-owners themselves; breeding, training and competing at high levels. Their first hand knowledge means that they are able to talk to clients about horse-related legal issues with understanding, and can deal with any dispute within the horse industry, on a national basis.

Our equine solicitors, Richard King, Tracy Scammell and Catharine Kaar are all horse owners and riders.

Buying & Selling Horses

Buying and selling horses can be fraught with difficulty. An advertisement often describes a horse as having “no vices”; the horse is viewed, ridden and on some occasions vetted and subsequently purchased. Shortly afterwards the horse exhibits a vice that was not apparent on purchase and a dispute between the buyer and seller arises. It is important to have advice from a solicitor experienced in dealing with horse disputes, who is also able to advise on the instruction of veterinary and equine experts where necessary.


Horse riding or just being around horses can be hazardous. In many instances an injury is not the fault of the victim and Kitson & Trotman are able to advise where liability and damages might arise.

Any dispute needs to be dealt with quickly and as cost effectively as possible. As with all disputes dealt with by the Kitson & Trotman litigation team, we consider at an early stage possible settlement of the dispute without the need for court proceedings. We also look at options for mediation.

We can also help with loan agreements, an important way to protect both parties to a horse loan.